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Desolate Host hosted his final undead party with us finishing him off after 29~ wipes!

After many migraines due to the graphical design of the boss, the moon has finally reached its zenith with the final eclipse for the Sisters of the Moon with 53 wipes!

  • Justjab


It turns out it was the Demonic Inquisition that did not expect it instead! They proceed to fall after 5 wipes on them. Good job!

And Harjatan moves on to being drenched in blood! Good job guys! Alas, I am not el smarto and no picture of Goroth beforehand.

  • Lumie

    10/10 would kill again

Hey there!

Just wanted to say good work on ToS yesterday! We finished the raid with only 2 wipes overall and those were on Kil'jaeden with us one-shotting the rest! We're decently happy with that, seeing as we were even trying to go for Heroic strats to make the transition into Heroic easier! Good job on that one guys! :)

If you have any type of criticism you would like to mention regarding the raid, feel free to message anyone on the officer team regarding that! We're always welcome to criticism regarding improving the raid environment!

We're also soon a full roster as well, with only needing a few more ranged dps to fill out our ranks. We're so far at 16 players, with a couple more joining us soon as well.

Hey there!

We just wanted to say good work on the raid on the previous Sunday! We managed to get 4/10 M with some PuGs and with only 0 to 2 wipes per boss which made us quite happy to see! Hopefully we keep that type of performance in Tomb of Sargeras!

Our current plan regarding recruitment is to just keep having our requirements same as always and just perform well in the first couple of weeks of Tomb and then speed up our recruitment through that - by getting decent rankings there. We hope that everyone sees it the same way we do in the sense that we want this to be done right. In the end, we want this guild to remain, and we don’t want to invite someone that we know we would end up potentially replacing later on due to performance. We want to keep the same raid roster throughout the entire time (barring people quitting due to personal reasons etc. of course).

To end it all, we just wanted to say that we’re pretty happy with the way things are going and so far things are looking well for Tomb! Keep up the good performance!

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